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Whats Your Remidy?

At we believe in Individuals.  So express yourself, the REMIDY is your choice.  It’s your choice how to fulfill that void that can only be filled with the passion that makes you feel amazing. In return it will help you overcome any obstacle placed in your path to success.  You can express yourself as an athlete, entertainer or through something simple to put that smile on your face.   REMIDY wear it, live it, show it.

We believe in customer satisfaction and providing our customers with the highest quality product.  Not only do we work hard to bring people a product worth taking a look at but we also try to provide them with something that opens their mind to the bigger picture.  Within every t-shirt there is a message, if you think long and hard enough you might find it.

We hope to grow our exposure and have the capability of showcasing our products at a variety of shows and events.  Our goal for the company is to expand our market to encompass more than just t-shirts.  REMIDY is a lifestyle, ours is focused on providing you with our style, creativity and unique graphics that help you live.  However you choose to live, live life to the fullest.  Stay true to you but don’t be scared to let your potential become every day life.  That’s why we, “Let The Roots Grow”.